the brave elephant

My name is¬†elephant and i am a elephant i now the name is wired. But it was the only name left because every other name was taken. We are in a great war. The war is so bad that we need to walk away from it every single day. Me and my friends joined the army about ten days after we left home. The elephant delivered his speech¬†the elephant that was in charge. His name was captain pat and he said you are going to battle. Then a big bomb went of right in the middle of us i didn’t get hit but most of my fiends did. Then a lot of men ran in destroying us so we ran away ones more. What will happen next.

1 thought on “the brave elephant

  1. Wow… that is a really sad story. I hope that you write some more about elephant (I think that is a great name) and what happens next.

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