the box tripe

Hi my name is Jake and i am a zoo raccoon i live right next to a farm. I’ve bin shipped out a couple of times to different zoo’s but the best zoo i traveled to was Australia zoo. This is where the story begins. At Australia zoo the trees leaves never full down

3 thoughts on “the box tripe

  1. Hi Jobe,

    I love the idea of a raccoon that travels to different zoos around the world! I hope you can finish this story sometime, it certainly has promise!


  2. Don’t stop, Jobe! What happens next? Since I’m living in Australia, I’d love to hear more about the racoon’s trip over here.

    Michelle Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

  3. Hi Jobe,
    I love the idea of doing a 100WC from the viewpoint of the raccoon in the zoo and I think this could lead to great adventures, great introduction and best of luck with the rest of the story plot, it certainly sounds like it could be lots of fun to write about what a raccoon gets up to when the zoo is closed.

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